Closet Poler offers a variety of classes at our studio in Newnan, GA. We offer classes that help with flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance. Start your journey with us today. Please see our available classes below, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

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beginner POLE I

What you will learn:
 Body confidence through sensual movement, which includes: poise, posture, fluidity, and foot posture. Self-love, pole love, hair whips, body waves, and mirror watching. Basic spins such as fireman, Knee spin, and sun wheel, and basic floor work around the pole (low pole).


Beginners with some upper body strength. What you will learn: variation spins such as backhook, double spins, one hand spins, and floor work with inversion around the pole, pole climbs and on the pole poses and tricks.

POLE trick'in 

Ready to take your pole journey to the next level? Work on combos and fluidity, prepare for floor inversions, and explore shapes such as inside and outside leg hangs, superwoman, and other fun poses. Must climb a static pole and execute a basic spin and pirouette on both the right and left sides.


Strong Pole climb
Strong Pole sit
Basic spins on both sides

Body Weight Strength &  CONDITIONING

This class includes on and off-the-pole training,  with special attention to flexibility, upper body, and core to help with progression. Bodyweight /low impact strength and conditioning specifically for pole dancers.



A Pole & Chair Flow
Beginner-friendly choreo-based class- No dance experience required
Don’t be shy- give this class a try! We’ll play with creative transitions and basic but fun & flirty pole and chair moves. In this chair fusion class, I promise you won’t just “sit on it”- we’ll stand on it, flip it, slide and push it and most definitely dance on it!
Socks are suggested
Layers suggested
Leg warmers/long socks, pants, kneepads, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

Low Flow Pole

Low flow choreography class. Beginner spin with floor transitions.

Stretch & Balance Express

Flexibility and Balance focus on hip openers, hamstrings, lower back and splits.
we will focus on 4 to 5 stretches with active and passive stretching


Beginner level-Learn how to apply your static skills to the spin pole using beginner spins and transitions in combos and or choreography.

 Rhythmic Fluid Flow yoga

Rhythmic Fluid Flow with a sensual spin. This low flow yoga style class is paired with sensual dance transitions, body waves, hip circles and hair whips to help you unwind, feel sexy, and loosen up


Liquid motion is a methodology that teaches how to achieve a seamless and natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory and sensual movement.  This is a floor class. No pole is needed. The instructor will teach you the techniques of liquid motion: to move fluidly and sensually around the floor. Learn how to walk in platform heels; the technique and moves are different when adding heels. (Heels are required)


Only offered to students with a monthly package. Open pole gives our class pass students 1 hour to work on transitions, spins, or tricks learned at Closet Poler studio. (Students must only work on what they have learned or level appropriate.

Static Spin Conditioning (for Beginners)

Conditioning class using only the pole. includes 15 min warm up
This class will condition your body on both sides. Recommended specifically for Beginners pole clients who want to progress and feel more comfortable during choreographed classes. Learn certain pole grips, basic spins on both sides

intro LOW LYRA

 Learn how to enter and exit the hoop. Learn basic in the hoop poses and spins. 


Freestyle choreographed class. For the more advanced beginner. Learn more challeging poses and combos. One leg and arm hangs, inverts bottom and top hoop, spins and splits.


Freestyle choreographed class. For the more advanced beginner. Learn more challeging poses with one leg hangs, inverts bottom and top hoop, spins and splits with heels. ( heels are optional)


This class focuses on showing your body some love through movement and touch. This Burlesque based class, has no pole spins or aero chair tricks. Just  pole and chair as props, with the focus being on you actively moving. It is a workout! Wear what makes you feel good. Knee pads and heels are recommended, but heels are optional. Class may themed and theatrical at times.


A beginner friendly contemporary pole class. This is a chorrography based dance class where you will learn a routine that is  derived from ballet moves such as pirouettes and basic pole spin skills. Perfect for the student who wants s to improve their gracefulness and skill execution. Please bring water. (knee pads are recommended)


Let's turn up the heat! In this class we sway our hips and evoke the wild, dark, playful side from within. You will learn basework, floorwork, and everything that is Exotic style pole; all while having some flexy fun!

Outfit should expose arms and legs for grip on pole (Tank tops, crop top, sports bra, short shorts, short skirt) Most of all, wear whatever makes you feel like confident and sexy!


Teasy Spin Pole

Come and enjoy an introductory spin pole class where we'll explore the basic fundamentals of spin pole while channeling our inner divas. Students should be advised that they may need knee pads and they should always come dressed in clothing that will allow them to fully express themselves while moving freely around the pole and on the floor.